Should filibustering be eliminated in the Senate?

Introduction A filibuster refers to any tactic that is obstructive or dilatory and useful in the prevention of certain pieces of legislation from being tabled for voting. The senate may attempt to prevent or delay a vote by using these obstructive tactics such as extending the debate on the issue at hand. Since its inception, […]


Impact of internal influences on consumer behavior and marketing strategies for the ipad

Understanding the intellect of a consumer is a mystifying method. It is imperative to consider that no particular factor explicates why consumers behave the way they do. There are external and internal factors and to some extent environmental factors that influences on consumer behavior and marketing strategy. When marketing products, it is essential that companies […]


Tuition Reimbursement

Introduction Tuition reimbursement refers to an arrangement between an employer and an employee that outlines and specifies terms that allow an employer to pay for the employee’s advanced education (Martocchio, 2003, p.23). A tuition reimbursement plan provides suitable employees with an opportunity to improve their capabilities associated with their career. They do this through participating […]


Modernization Theory

Since the 18th Century, people have had the idea that they can develop and change their societies for the better. Arguably, the topics of growth, development and modernization are inseparable in the modern world. Three key aspects of development exist, namely the economic, sociological and psychological perspectives. It is the aim of each and every […]


Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Introduction Francis Scott Fitzgerald is a renowned American writer of the Jazz age. He wrote about the disconcerting time, in which he lived, where people were either rich or dreamt of being rich. Just like majority of Americans, Fitzgerald could not resist the urge of wealth accumulation; unfortunately, this quest brought misery and devastation. Fitzgerald’s […]


There Is No Word for Goodbye

TallMountain Reveals Her True Self Mary TallMountain remains one of the most remarkable poets and writers of the twentieth century. This Athabascan woman inspired many people to listen to their heart (Welford, “Mary TallMountain’s Writing” 136). Some say that this woman’s works have opened up a new world of her culture to the world of […]


Standardized Testing

Standard tests are based on accepted standards of test development. Anyone undertaking a standardized test tackles a similar set of questions under similar instructions. The tests’ grading is based on the same criteria. These aspects create a common ground for everyone regardless of diverse school systems. Through the tests, government agencies and other concerned parties […]


Ghazali on the Principles of Islamic Spirituality

Response These readings provide information that is very useful to the Muslim faith. One of such topics is the one on exaltation of hunger. I found this topic particularly useful. According to Ghazali, hunger can be a path to the afterlife. This is because hunger has several benefits. Among the listed benefits is the fact […]


Reasons for surfing the internet

The term ‘surfing the internet’ was invented because of people’s behavior of randomly roaming from one website to another. Internet surfing essentially involves causal clicking of different web links one after the other in search of similar or related information. As such, it is important to note that internet surfing was only possible after the […]


Christianity in the Roman Empire

Introduction There has always been a link between Rome and Christianity since the first Christians were Romans in the sense that they lived in the Roman Empire and had their culture and language heavily influenced by the dominant Roman culture. However, in its early years, Christianity had negligible political power compared to the Roman Empire. […]


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