Verbal learning

Research in the relationship of verbal learning and memory involves the understanding of how people retain and use information concerning symbolically representable objects and events, and the information about their interconnection. Tulving and Madigan described the concept of verbal learning in 1970 and according to the authors, symbolically representable items and events include letters, letters […]


Racial Discrimination at the World Bank

Historically, black employees have many times been sidelined from various institutions based on the unwarranted focus on their color as the more ‘weaker and primitive’ race. This discrimination has also been tagged speciously on the general ‘black culture’ towards any credibility in the work place. Black workers have unjustifiably been presumed to be only ‘fit’ […]



When the government of the United States of America grants intellectual rights to an individual, it issues him or her with a patent. The USA government issues patents to prevent infringement of an inventor right to a novel idea thus, promoting science. A patent is a monopoly to the inventor of an original idea. According […]


Does social class make a difference?

Social class is an integral parameter especially in regard to access to important resources as well as various opportunities in life. People who are presumably from high social class seem to control most resources in our society today. Hence, they determine what people from lower social classes should get. I strongly believe that those who […]


Argument for Measures to Control Illegal Immigration

Introduction Immigration is the movement by people from one country to another with the motive of permanent settlement in another country. Across boarder movements are majorly facilitated by unfavorable conditions in some countries as compared to others. This paper seeks to carry out an argument that strict measures should be adopted in order to counter […]



Introduction William Shakespeare, the famous writer and poet referred to the world as a stage with all of us are merely players (Dimitrova, 2002). These words seemed to be sophisticated because of the difficulty in understanding what he really meant. However, as time has passed by, the words have become clearer to us. The world […]


Ethic of War

Introduction Since time immemorial, man has debated on whether warfare is a moral thing to do. Although it is common sense that peace is better than warfare, man has continually engaged himself in war with fellow men. Research has revealed the fact that the improvement of technology and the general progression of a nation does […]


Producing cotton products in Germany

Introduction In evaluating a possible and prospective place for a new plant one inadvertently has to keep mind the most influential and relevant factors that facilitate and motivate the growth and sustenance of the said plant. An interrogation of Germany from this perspective states a viable case for the argument that it is fit to […]


Lee’s Korean War

Introduction The Korean War which is termed as the forgotten war was a military conflict that started in June 1950 between North Korean who were supported by peoples republic of China backed by Soviet Union and South Korean with support from the United Nations and the American forces. The war was an episode of cold […]


Adolf Hitler and Nationalism

Introduction “The Great War was without precedent … never had so many nations taken up arms at a single time. Never had the battlefield been so vast… never had the fighting been so gruesome…”[1] Historical records impute World War I to the first global catastrophe of the 20th century, which lasted from 1914 to 1918 […]


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