Education Act (1944)

The 1944 education act was a revolutionary piece of legislation because it completely changed the way education was structured in England (Wales). The key landmark change was the introduction of free education for all pupils, by introducing a tripartite education system (Graham 1980, p. 38). From this change, three schools were established: Grammar schools, secondary […]

The Effect of Using Facebook as Background Checks on Job Candidates

Abstract Employers are increasingly using Facebook as a profiling tool to assist in the hiring process. This report analyzes the effects of using Facebook for background checks on job candidates. This paper establishes that there are dangers in Facebook profiling for both the employer and the potential hire. These dangers include: inaccurate information, mistrust by […]

Should Politicians Resign Due to Sex Scandals?

Introduction The term scandal does not have a definite meaning or definition. It has been interpreted differently by different people depending on the issue at hand (Roskin 9). Despite the difference in definition, all scandals have one thing in common; they are all happenings which are against people expectations (Schlesinger 44). The normally result to […]

Culture Review

Introduction Africa is made up of different countries, with each having its own distinct culture. There are also different cultures within the same country (Schultz and Lavenda 12-15). This makes the African continent to be full of cultural diversity. In this paper, different aspects of the African culture shall be examined. Review of the African […]


Welcome Page There are set processes in which storyboards are created for instance for films and animations either for study or for educational purposes. Being skeletons that give a step-by-step view of what is expected for any given procedure; storyboards become centrally important tools that assist the understanding of complex procedures that would otherwise be […]

Culture Jamming

Introduction Culture jamming is one of the marketing tactics that has been used for many years among anti-consumerist groups as one of the most successful tactics in the sphere of marketing. In this respect, Carducci defines culture jamming as an organized effort by social movements to counteract messages portrayed in advertisements (161). These social movements […]

Problems with Social Security

Introduction Social security refers to an insurance scheme meant to cover people against social risks. It covers people confronted with conditions such as poverty, aging, disability and unemployment among others. This paper seeks to discuss the problems associated with social security. The paper will look into the major problems that that are affecting the social […]

Art and Design

Introduction Art presents us the opportunity to articulate ourselves. Art education involves teaching students how to articulate their thoughts and opinions about their humankind. Art teachers show their trainees how to enlarge their visual communication dexterities by generating a range of art figures. Artist Picasso one time alleged that painting is simply a different way […]

Psychology of Personality

Introduction Individuals convey different psychological lives depending on their environment, social status, among other factors. Nonetheless, just a few psychological behaviors are noticed easily. These include personality, among others. Personality defines the whole mental organization of humans at every stage of their development. In this regard, various theorists, psychologists and psycho-socialists, as well as psychoanalysts […]

Tuscaloosa County School District Emergency Operations Plan in Alabama

The Current State Of Affairs Regarding the Fourth Phase of the Tuscaloosa County School District Emergency Operations Plan in Alabama Student/parent information guide for Tuscaloosa county schools This student/parent guide by Hinton (2010) depicts that the Tuscaloosa county school district has laid down some systems that are already working. These include: Parent involvement policy: The […]